Monday 14th August 2017


What is it?

Trigger point therapy is a technique used by remedial massage therapists and other practitioners in other fields.  It is used to reduce muscle tension through out the body.  The therapist will locate and apply pressure to the trigger point for 1-2mins or until the trigger relaxes.  Usually when a trigger point has pressure applied to it a referral pain is felt rolling away from it or in another part of the body.

What is a trigger point?

A trigger point is a tight sore point that can be found in every muscle in our body, they are commonly known as a knot.  They form in the muscle tissue from general use, strain and stress being exerted onto the muscles.  Trigger points decrease the function and mobility of our muscles, which can put strain on our joints, ligaments and other related tissues.  This effect can even be transferred through to other parts of the body creating more tension and trigger points.

A trigger point can also cause what is known as myofascial pain syndrome, this is when pain from the trigger point is referred to another part of the body. This is usually an aching type of pain that gets worse as the day progresses.

Can trigger point therapy help you?

Yes it can.

The majority of people that get treatment from myself have some form of myofascial pain syndrome caused by trigger points.  Commonly located in the head as a headache, the neck and shoulders, the lower back and legs.  By using trigger point therapy you can gain better muscle function, more mobility and flexibility.  It does require a little bit of pain, but the end result is a healthier happier you.


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