Monday 3rd July 2017


What is it?

Pins and needles is the in the hands &/or fingers is a result of a nerve being compressed somewhere between the affected area and the spine.  Pins and needles in the hand (sometimes while sleeping) can be caused by the Brachial nerves being compressed.  The Brachial nerves are comprised of the nerve roots from C5, C6, C7, C8 and T1.


Muscles affected?

Muscles of the Scalenes (neck) and Pectoralis Minor (chest) can get very tight and compress the Brachial nerves.

Long periods of sitting creates bad posture by putting excess amount of stress on the muscles of the neck and the muscles of the chest tighten up from being in a closed position.


What can you do?

A Remedial Massage to the neck, shoulders and chest will release the tension of the affected muscles and will help reduce the pins and needles in the fingers and hand, if they are the cause.

In some cases damage from a previous injury of the neck or shoulder could cause some pins and needles in the hands.  A nerve disease or nerve inflammation can also be the cause.  If massage and stretches do not help with the pins and needles seek advise from a doctor.

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